How It Works

1. Let’s Chat

Call and schedule the initial consult; consult is free/included in the design fee; travel fees may apply outside of our service area. Service includes area: Monument, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Woodland Park, Falcon, Peyton

2. Site Visit

During the initial consultation we will talk through your needs, wants, budget and maintenance concerns; i.e. how will your landscape be watered, how many hours a week or month will you have to maintain your landscape, are there safety concerns, etc. Measurements will be taken to ensure the most accurate landscape design.

3. Let the Magic Begin

Our designer goes back to the office and works on a design that will best fit your needs and wants. This usually takes 1-2 weeks (time varies depending on prime season, holidays, etc)

4. Review Your Master Plan

Once the design and invoice are sent out, the designer will touch base and see if another meeting is needed to go over the design for revisions or if a phasing plan is wanted. A free revision OR a phasing plan is included in the design fee. IF a revision or phasing plan is needed, the goal is to have those back to the client within a week of the second meeting.

5. Introduction to a Qualified Landscaper

If you would like assistance finding a qualified and knowledgeable installer, we can work to match you with an installer that will fit your budget and your landscapes specific needs. All of our recommended installers have been vetted and approved to make sure you have the best installer for your needs. We have worked hard to provide a reliable and qualified list of specialists to work with you, whether your project is large or small, to create a landscape that fits your family, or your companies, needs and wants.

Let’s Work Together