You can really have an OUTDOOR SPACE that services YOUR every need.

Our mission is to help people understand the growing season here in Colorado Springs and develop outdoor spaces they love and can maintain, all while conserving our natural resources.

Colorado’s climate, or should I say, climates are challenging, which is why we offer several services to fit your needs.  Our goal is to demonstrate how landscapes can offer at minimum 3 seasons of interest and usage.  Most importantly, these spaces should serve you and your family’s needs.  There isn’t any reason that your yard has to be cookie-cutter or bland.  Each of our clients has unique needs and wants; each is just as valuable and deserves to be considered in their custom design.  We want your landscape to thrive and entice you to enjoy it.

Interacting with a well-designed landscape improves the overall health of all family members.  Sometimes we think it’s just pets that get to enjoy our yards.  Playing, gardening, or simply sitting outside has been proven to improve both physical and mental health.  All our designs fit the climate they will be grown in while incorporating full-year color and interest.  Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy as we spend time in our outdoor spaces.

With over 10 years of experience, we can help you discover the outdoor spaces of your dreams too.

Who do we work with?

  • single-family

  • multi-family

  • commercial properties

  • and landscapers

**Nominated as BEST OF the Springs – Landscape Services 2019 **

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The advantage of a well thought out design.

Having a Master Plan with a material list and quantities provides the flexibility of working on your landscape as your budget and time allow; with the help of CS Apex Landscape Design, you will have direction, insight, and a landscape that fits your resources, time, water and YOUR needs.

New landscapes – Newly Built Homes 85%
Xeriscaping (Implementing the 7 Principles of Xeriscaping) 90%
Pet-Friendly/Dog-Friendly Designs 98%
Fire-Wise Landscapes 93%
Landscapes That Need Renovation 94%