Winter Water

Winter Water! This important landscape maintenance tip isn’t brought up enough in Colorado or other high desert areas . . . WINTER WATERING! But why is winter watering important for the health and longevity of your trees and shrubs?  Let’s start with a simple (but complex) fact . [...]

September Care Tips

September Care Tips I heard your comments that the fall maintenance tips looked daunting, so let’s break them down. For this article, I wanted to highlight the 5 things you should do in September.  If you are wanting a checklist of what you need to do this fall, this [...]

Recommended Installers

This is meant to be a living document.  So feel free to check back regularly as we update and improve our recommended specialists.  All of these contractors have been "interviewed" to help you find the best installer for your project.  As always, feel free to check them out for [...]

Time to Garden . . . So What Do You Need?

It is time to start your garden . . . or at least start your garden seeds. If you haven’t thought of it yet, now is a good time to figure out what you want to grow and how much you want to grow. [...]

2020 Plant Favorites

2020 Plant Favorites So I am sure you have seen many "favorites" or "trending" posts this year and every other year, but here is one more. Here are some of my personal favorites.  I am highlighting 1 tree, 3 shrubs, 2 ornamental [...]

Quick Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape

Quick Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Prefer to listen versus read?  Check out the recorded Live video on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/csapexlandscapedesign/videos/969034770248478 Note this is meant to be a quick reference as you prepare for the winter weather and is a compilation of various resources [...]

What is your Life Zone?

What is your Life Zone? The Colorado Springs Metro area is expanding . . . rapidly. . . . With that the city, and its neighbors, encompass various types of biomes and habitats.  Each incredibly diverse both in plant life and wildlife.  In this article I wanted to highlight [...]

Snow in May!!! What do I do?

Snow in May!!!  What do I do? Note: this article was written after sudden and unexpected snow storm in the Colorado Springs area May 21st, 2019.  We brought it out of archive because this information can be used after any late or unexpected cold weather. Well I wasn’t proactive [...]

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