Quick Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape

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Note this is meant to be a quick reference as you prepare for the winter weather and is a compilation of various resources and experiences.  Although these tips were written with the Colorado/Front Range Region homeowners in mind many, if not all, of the items on this list apply to other areas and regions.

A few quick assumptions: for this article we will be assuming the first hard frost date is October 15th (this date does change year to year so check your local extension office), and we will are also assuming there is basic plant knowledge (if you need more details or more information please check out the video link above).

Let’s Talk Plants:

  1. Deadhead your perennials
  2. Cut back your perennials after the frost date
  3. Divide perennials and grasses as needed
  4. Remove all annuals
  5. Plant fall bulbs, shrubs and trees
  6. Prune fall-blooming shrubs and trees
  7. Trim/prune trees and shrubs
  8. Wrap tree trunks mid-October

Turf Time:

  1. Aerate as needed
  2. Apply winterizer
  3. Mow with mulch setting
  4. Overseed as needed

All-over Yard Care:

  1. Top-dress mulch and rock beds
  2. Blow out irrigation system
  3. Remove/Rake up leaves and debris
  4. Winterize your water features
  5. Clean and store tools and chemicals
  6. Change out and store summer decor or fall/winter decor

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Happy Gardening!