September Care Tips

September Care Tips I heard your comments that the fall maintenance tips looked daunting, so let’s break them down. For this article, I wanted to highlight the 5 things you should do in September.  If you are wanting a checklist of what you need to do this fall, this article isn’t it . . . . Check out our other article “Quick Fall Maintenance Tips” at https://www.csapexlandscapedesign.com/maintenance/quick-fall-maintenance-tips-for-your-landscape/ Fall Pruning Most of your shrubs and trees are [...]

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2020 Plant Favorites

2020 Plant Favorites So I am sure you have seen many "favorites" or "trending" posts this year and every other year, but here is one more. Here are some of my personal favorites.  I am highlighting 1 tree, 3 shrubs, 2 ornamental grasses, and 4 perennials. Although these plants grow throughout the USA, my talking points are specifically for the Colorado Springs and Front Range Region. The Tree FAT [...]

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Quick Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape

Quick Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Landscape Prefer to listen versus read?  Check out the recorded Live video on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/csapexlandscapedesign/videos/969034770248478 Note this is meant to be a quick reference as you prepare for the winter weather and is a compilation of various resources and experiences.  Although these tips were written with the Colorado/Front Range Region homeowners in mind many, if not all, of the items on this list apply to [...]

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Pruning, 2 Ways . . . . How to Prune Your Shrubs

Pruning, 2 Ways . . . . How to Prune Your Shrubs Let's start with the process. . . There are 2 main methods of pruning I recommend for homeowners. Rule of Thumb Rule of Thirds But what do these mean??? Rule of Thumb: This is a great method for lilacs, hydrangeas, dogwoods, roses, etc. . . . Look at your hand, look at the base of your thumb, any stems larger than the base of [...]

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