Recommended Installers

This is meant to be a living document.  So feel free to check back regularly as we update and improve our recommended specialists.  All of these contractors have been "interviewed" to help you find the best installer for your project.  As always, feel free to check them out for yourselves and make sure you ask questions specific to your project and your needs before hiring any contractor. If you are a landscape contractor looking to work [...]

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A NEW YEAR!!! . . . . Now what??

A New Year!! . . . . Now what?? You are probably checking this blog article because you have been thinking about growing your own food but not sure where to begin.  Or maybe you have tried a garden before but something didn’t work as well as you wanted it to.  Or maybe yet, you have been gardening for a while but you want some tips and tricks for [...]

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Reusing Rock Mulch . . . Good idea or Bad idea???

Reusing Rock Mulch . . . . Good idea or Bad idea??? Written by our designer and co-owner, Chelsa, based off a personal experience, enjoy!  Note, this article was originally written in June 2017. A couple summers ago my family and I redid a small section of our front yard.   This was done because we kept getting standing water in our garage after even the smallest rain storm.  When we were talking and discussing how to [...]

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